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Putting my bottom lip away and getting my Thelma on

I’m all talk.  I’ve been telling everyone I’m off to NYC for a month like I’m all too cool for school but now the day has arrived I’m no Carrie Bradshaw.  I’m a big baby.  My bottom lip’s been all quivery thinking about how much I will miss smunki and the furs.  Heading to the airport I feel like a kid who’s been threatening to leave home and now all I want to do is dive under the duvet with my dogs.

No time to be neurotic or Miss Debbie Downer  though as I’m meeting Fiona at the airport and she’s leaving her 17 year old at home and doesn’t need me as a substitute teenager.  So no option but to get my big girl pants on.  Albeit smaller than normal big girl pants as I have recently lost 10kgs.  I refused to be a big apple in the big apple.

Fast forward my emotional meltdown and I’m feeling better having cleared customs, I think the sight of the MAC duty-free counter may have helped.

So now as I sit on the last leg of our flight, Los Angeles to New York, a little disorientated having taken some sleeping pills these are my observations and things to note for the day.

1.)    If you are flying Air NZ up to the States an extra bag of luggage up to 23kgs will cost you $115 to bring home.   Good to know for the shoes and shopping.

2.)   MACcosmetics are cheaper in the States retail than they are dutyfree Auckland don’t be sucked in.

3.)    Don’t be tardy and the last off the flight like we were, if you do you might find yourself in a room full of Mexicans.   We got caught up in five flights arriving at the same time and put into a holding room with Air Mexico passengers until the back log cleared. We were the only non Hispanics quite fun listening to the language.

4.)    Mexican women and for that matter a lot of American women I saw love Michael Kors every second belt and bag was MK.  I asked someone why so popular, they said he  does a range at Macy’s.  From the designs I saw I think I prefer my MK on TV not in reality although he does do my favourite all time perfume named you guessed it Michael Kors.

5.)    If you have to transit at LA try some Mexican food, LA does the best Mexican. Baja Fresh is good, fast and cheap another food option is Wolfgang Puck the celeb chef has cheap fast food stands,  might be the closest thing I get to being at the Oscars, he’s the one that does all the catering on the night.

6.)    If you are catching a connecting United flight make sure to check out the small Kitson store at Terminal 6.  A tiny satellite version of the LA parent stores that all the celebs love.  Great gorgeous gifts and books like the divine smelling and beautifully packaged Voluspa candles starting from $12.00 or alternatively a book for the man in your life – How to live with a Huge Penis A Guide, or for your crazy cat loving single girlfriend Hot Guys Baby Animals.   Its a great gift store and the LA parent shops stock furniture, fashion and everything in between.

Final thought for the first day.  Smunki aka Shane asked me to please try and be safety observant as I can be easily distracted by bright shiny objects and he worries I could lose my wallet/phone/passport/life.   So today I was very observant and noticed straight away the Michael Kors handbags and shoes what I did miss but Fiona picked up was the drug mule who came in and out of the ladies restroom three times in five minutes.

Oh and one more thing…. bonus of checking in at 4:30am after 30 hours of flying free room upgrade. Yay.

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