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NYC – dogs and dollies

Even though I have been in NYC on and off for the last two weeks, yesterday was the first day with my bestie Lisa who is over to celebrate her birthday. Teddy being such a lovely girl wouldn’t want either of us to be sad, she was such a giving girl so I dragged myself out of bed and we set out.  It was almost as if Teddy was smiling on us and with us,  such a perfect girls day out under the circumstances.

We started the day with a cruise on the harbour past the statue and all around us were dogs sending their love. Next stop Central Park which is dog heaven and to Strawberry Fields and the Imagine tribute closed my eyes and spoke to Miss Teddy very poignant.  Then popped into the Met and once again lots of very cool dog exhibits.  After a cultural dose, a cruise to the top of the rock to check out the view of Manhatten.  The day ended on a tuk tuk doing the very touristy cruise through Time Square and Theatre District tuk tuk is definitely the best way to experience what is a sensory overload.  Teddy, Lisa and I had a great day together.  Her body which was only her house maybe gone but her soul was definitely in the city with us and she loved it.  Teddy was just like her mumma a little bit of “shit and sparkle” she loved the city and the country and sparkle and mud in equal doses so a mix of galleries and parks was so her.  Lisa’s birthday tomorrow and Teddy and I planning some great surprises. Sorry for the formatting I know a little crazy which is apt as so is NYC and so am I.



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  1. Linda
    June 19, 2012 at 2:10 pm (9 years ago)

    Love that photo with the dog sitting on IMAGINE. Who took it or did you source it?


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