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Kathy Ireland – Model to Mogul. Forbes Richlist. Trading in bikinis for billions

Getting very excited to see Kathy Ireland speak at the Las Vegas licensing fair as the keynote speaker.

Her presentation titled from the beach to the boardroom will share her story of how she put away her bikini when her body was considered too old and put her brain to work instead creating a billion dollar licensing business which sees her name on more than 250,000 products sold worldwide.  She started out with a range of socks she figured if she could sell those she could probably sell a lot of other stuff.

Unlike Elle MacPherson who Ireland considers has pigeon-holded herself into lingere, Ireland was deliberately smart from the outset and chose products that were mass market, consumable and covered the whole spectrum to show how far her brand could stretch.  Any product that Ireland considers “helps makes women’s lives easier”  is up for grabs.

Licensing at the end of the day is a volume business and depends on mass markets to survive, so Ms Ireland has been very smart and successful to take mass products and market them to middle America. While being a little cagey about the figures it is public knowledge that Kathy outsells and earns more than her nearest competitor Martha Stewart .  Beauty and Brains and not a jailbird.

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