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I’m Cheating on my Partner with Jonathan Adler in NYC


I am cheating on my partner and it’s with a city called New York.  This lover has me totally enchanted to the point I haven’t spoken to Smunki more than once since I left.  The pace and variety is overwhelming and even though I’m an energiser bunny it’s sensory overload.  So on that note I’ve decided today to just talk about one store so here goes.

Jonathan Adler is a man after my own heart.  A talented homewares designer, Adler is a lover of the more is more school of thought.  He is also colour and animal mad with a dog named Liberace and funny to boot, thank goodness because nobody loves a design bore.   I could marry this man, only problem is he bats for the other team.  Having lusted after his homewares in magazines for many years I couldn’t wait to visit his store and it didn’t disappoint.    Full of bold, Palm Springs and Hollywood glamour meets 50’s modernism Adler likes to surprise and delight.  His decor and philosophy is upbeat and tongue in cheek with optimistic items like his coffee table books,My Prescription for Anti-Depressive Living and Gay Men Don’t Get Fat.

Eschewing minimalism to the max, Adler’s space is bursting with everything from beds and sofas to chandeliers and plastic dinnerwear.  His store radiates happiness.  The bright vibe carries over to countless accessories such as pillows reading “happy”; sunburst mirrors; assorted animal statuettes; and tongue-in-cheek cookie jars labeled “Downers,” “Quaaludes,” and “Prozac.”   You can also personalise and monogram individual items very cool.

Funny, talented, Jewish, optimistic and a dog lover this man has my vote and his designs make me happy.  Make sure to check out his Soho store.


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  1. Juls
    June 8, 2012 at 6:29 pm (9 years ago)

    I knew this would be the case. Anyone who can go to New York and not fall in love with her must be dead inside. An amazing city with amazing people.


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