Angela Beer

Cupcakes, Calling Cards, Parks and Perfume

Right it’s official I was stolen by gypsies at birth and taken from NYC to NZ.  I love this city.

After a power nap after a 4:30am arrival we hit the city just after lunch.  First stop Union Square to sort out a local number and also to navigate the subways.   Can’t feel like a local without a phone and a subway pass.  Also necessary as tomorrow Sunday is our first shoot so we need to get organised and know our way around.

Given its about $3.00 a min to phone home and 0.80c to text on your NZ number while roaming its a good idea to get along and get a local numer toot sweet.  $50.00 US buys you unlimited US calls and texts for a month and $1.09 a minute to call home.  If you are here for a shorter stay the minimum you have to buy is $25 which will last you a while. You can buy an unlimited 7 day subway and bus pass for $28.00 for the week.

Right so that’s the practical stuff out of the way.  Have phone and pass so will travel.  After spending a lovely time at the Union Square Greenmarket a fresh produce market selling everything from gorgeous vegetables, to wheatgrass for dogs and homespun yarn, we decide to hightail it to The Highline.

Before we got there we stopped at Baked by Melissa cupcakes.  Having heard raving reviews of these from a NZ client who comes from  Manhatten it would be incredibly rude to leave without a pack of 10…. lucky they are tiny wee baby ones that are only 50 calories each.  Melissa has 7 stores around Manhatten so you will be sure to find one, she also does a cupcake of the month, this month it is the wedding cupcake as Melissa is getting married.  So fueled up on sugar we get going.

The Highline is a beautiful old railway line that runs high up along the Hudson from the Meatpacking District.  It has been turned into an urban park and really is a beautiful place to stroll and take in the view.  NYC does urban planning well.   We found it at the bottom of West 14th Street in the trendy Meat Packing district.  This is serious Sex in the City territory. I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I found two of the stores on my to do list were right next door to each other.  The first the divine perfume store Bond Number 9 and the second the home of the classic wrap dress designer Diane Von Furstenburg you’ll need one of these figure flattering numbers to disguise the cupcakes and other cullinary delights NYC offers.   I left the area clutching my beautiful new boxes and purchases.
So after some retail therapy it was time for a coffee and a stroll along The Highline and right past Kevin Spacey…. did I mention I love NYC.


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