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Boom! American Publishing and Blogging Fair here we come.

So apart from photographing fabulous people, places and pets, Fiona and I are in NYC at the Book Expo of America book fair one of the largest fairs in the world, securing her a publishing deal so next time we can come up in a private jet.   So the fair opened yesterday and we worked it hard.

We have narrowed our search of potential worthy candidates into a short list.  It’s kind of like dating you do some internet stalking/ research, write your wish list, put on your best dress and get out there.  Short quicky marriages tend to end in ugly messes, so while we are going hard at the fair pressing as much flesh as possible we will be taking our time choosing the right partners.

Fiona is a modest soul so it’s good she has me as her cheerleader to sing her praises, I’m like a proud stage Mum pushing her to the front.  An old friend back before social media used to call me the fourth form of mass communication – telephone, television, telegram – Tell Ange.  I feel like I’m Fiona’s own coach, friend, pr and literary agent rolled into one.  Rest assured I know when to shut up and get out of the way and if I don’t I have told Fiona to use the tazer if neccessary. I’m just so damned excited for her and just can’t hide it!

As an entrepreneur tradefairs are like Disneyland for me I see opportunity and fun everywhere, what other’s find intimidating and exhausting I totally love.  I’m addicted to the energy and vibe of them which is why I have attended more than 50 international fairs as both an exhibitors and guest resulting in multiple international distribution deals for both my own companies and others I have work with oh and more than ten international awards to boot.   To vicariously live my entrepreneurial buzz I am planning on taking two small groups of enterpreneurs away with me twice a year one up to the China manufacturing fairs and the other to BEA and the Licensing Fairs.  I love helping people as much as I can and enjoying myself in the process so I’ve decided to do them as I wish when I started dolly there had been such a trip I could have done.  It would have made my entry into China smoother and given me an instant support network of entrepreneurs in the same boat as working from home alone can be isolating.

Anyway enough of the future fairs and back to the one we are at now.  The morning’s opening address was from Jennifer Weiner, authour of chicklit books such as the Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette movie In Her Shoes.  Jennifer is an accomplished best seller with more than 10 books under her belt.  In Her Shoes appealed to me as Toni Collette’s character is a dogwalker!  With a fantastic sense of humor, Jennifer had the crowd mesmerized as she talked about the perils and delights of becoming a published author, really valuable lessons for Fiona and I. Even if her new book The Next Best Thing out July 3rd totally sucks which I doubt it will I’m buying it as she is a total soul sister of the universe.

Over and out.  Fiona and I ended the day with some retail therapy to reward ourselves for the last three hard days of work.  Can’t wait to share with you our latest girlie finds.  X



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