Angela Beer

1 more sleep till NYC…..

I feel like a kid at Christmas…. tomorrow is the day!

Beyond excited.  Have been playing Jay-Z very loud.   People are asking me if I’m going for work or play.  It’s both.  I like Richard Branson’s quote when he says “work/ living it’s all the same to me”.  I feel exactly the same way.

I’m actually in NYC for a month first two weeks with Fiona Tomlinson, one of New Zealand’s preeminent photographers.  We are attending the licensing and publishing fairs as we both have creative projects we are working one involves a dolly and the other a dog called Otis!   While we are up there we have also been commissioned to write magazines articles on inspiring New Zealanders doing the business in the big apple and also the best places to shop and visit… see told you I love my work!    We are also photographing 5 dogs by iconic NYC icons this Sunday just for our own fun, so all you dog lovers be sure to check out the pics.

After Fiona heads home my bestie Lisa arrives to celebrate her 40th with me.  Feeling v Sex in the City about this part of the trip.

Only downer just found out that instead of being able to take two bags up to the states it is now only one!  Bum…. I’m also of course going to miss my dogs Teddy and Dunhill…. oh and Smunki aka Shane my partner of course but won’t think about that too much until tomorrow!

Right back to trying to squeeze two suitcase worth of clothes into one.  Lucky I’ve got this to listen to.




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